Below you can find information and resources to help you get started with wikis in your classroom and school.

Wiki Basics

Edit a page

Edit a page on your classroom wiki and add a classroom assignment. Or have your students edit their pages to reflect on their latest assignment. Learn to edit a page in the below video or read more about how to format your page.

Add links

Link to your favorite resources and websites on the Internet or add links to other pages on your wiki.

Upload images and files

Add a class photo or a homework assignment to your wiki with our file upload tool.

Add videos or other widgets

Embed a YouTube video of a historical moment, a slideshow of your students' art, and more.

Learn more about adding widgets to your page.

Wiki Tips and Tricks


Keep track of changes your students and peers make to your wiki with email notifications.

Lock pages

Sometimes you may have pages that you want your students to read but not edit. Lock your pages with our permission options.

Edit your wiki navigation

As your wiki grows and gathers more pages, organize them in your navigation bar. Learn more about editing your navigation bar and setting up subpages.

Group projects

With Wikispaces Projects, your students can do group work directly on the wiki. Create private work spaces for each group. When it comes time to present, open up each space so the entire class can see.

Other tips and tricks

Learn to get the most out of all your wiki tools. Head to our blog to find our latest tips and tricks.